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The beginning of the new world with
Tron's Network

Our plan is to build a community base system that will benefit everyone. Our overall goal is to have a self-sustaining system


About Us

Helios is a normal group of people that are very enthusiastic about Tron and their goals. There's so many flaws out in the world today and we want to do our part to help. So many big companies are taking control and abusing their power. We want to help build a system that gives the power back to the people. So we at Helios are running for Tron Representative and we need your help to get voted in, so we can help make a better decentralized world. We're going to do everything we can to help Tron succeed and make this the best Crypto Block chain out there.


We need the communities help to make this happen. Our plan is to go ahead and have the support servers up and running, Secondly we want to start rewarding the community for your votes and support. Our reward system is as follows 70% of the block rewards go back to the community, 20% is for R & D, 10% for the team. We will have Airdrops with the Tron Rewards weekly.

Why Us?

We are working hard to build and improve a better Tron Ecosystem. Starting with the community, we have let the world know who Tron is and what they are trying to do. Our main goal is to have the best server system, that way Tron will be more stable and be able to handle it's growth. Our plan is to go ahead and have several full nodes and Super nodes up and running that way we'll be doing our part in helping Trons Network be that much more stable.

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