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We are partnering up with Beatzcoin

They are building a digital platform that will

change how we interact with digital media


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Team Helios/Beatzcoin

We are partnering up with Beatzcoin, they are building a decentralized digital platform that will change how we interact with digital media. They are reinventing the global marketing platform for digital content, producers and the consumer. They plan to transform how advertising interacts with the content provider as well as implemented strategies to engage users all while increasing the revenue potential of everyone involved.

We wanted to show our community there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes. We appreciate all our supporters. Check them out at 

Vote Team Helios in support of Us and Beatzcoin, you can also purchase their token on


We need the communities help to make this happen. Our plan is to go ahead and have the support servers up and running, Secondly we want to start rewarding the community for your votes and support. Our reward system is 70% of the block rewards are going back to the community, 15% is for Research and Development, that will benefit the community and Tron. 15% is for the team, our own project, meet ups, and taxes.

Why Us?

We are working hard to build and improve a better Tron Ecosystem. Our main goal is to have the best server system, that way Tron will be have a more stable and be able to handle it's growth. While creating a Decentralized Cloud Dapp to secure all of your Data. This is only the first phase of our project.

 Our plan is to go ahead and have several Nodes up and running that way we'll be doing our part in helping Tron's Network. 

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